Sunday, January 17, 2016

The KN@PP Stir Podcast Has Been Preempted ...

... by something that I would characterize as almost, but not quite, laryngitis. My voice isn't entirely gone, but it's just a croak, and a judicious application of bourbon to the problem has proven ineffective in bringing it back to its naturally annoyingly hoarse state.

If there HAD been a podcast tonight, it would have been brought to you by Darryl W. Perry:

I don't think I'm actually coming down with anything. To be honest, I got a little bit more enthusiastic than usual with the singing at church this morning, and that's when things with my throat started going south. Or maybe north. I confess a certain sense of bemusement at our new pastor's choice of closing hymn this morning. It's a song I'd think somewhat odd for a southern church -- "The Battle Hymn of the Republic," although that's not how it is titled in the hymnal (nor is it titled to its original tune, "John Brown's Body"). I felt moved to really belt it out.

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