Wednesday, January 06, 2016

As if I Needed Any More Reasons ...

... to completely write off any possibility of supporting Gary Johnson for the Libertarian Party's 2016 presidential nomination:

Surprisingly for a libertarian, Johnson, who recently resigned as the CEO of Cannabis Sativa, a marijuana marketing form, said that he would sign a bill banning the wearing of burqas in America. Sharia, he insisted, was not an expression of religion but of "politics" and hence many of its practices could be banned or limited without running afoul of the Constitution. -- "Exclusive: Gary Johnson Running For President, Call Trump's Plans 'Just Whacked - Just Nuts!'" by Nick Gillespie, Reason, 01/06/16 [h/t Angela Keaton]

Ye gads! Did Wayne Allyn Root get cold, cut Johnson open, and crawl inside his skin to get warm or something?

I mean, I expected a 2016 Johnson bid to be bad, but I didn't expect him to turn the stupid up to 11 on the first damn day.

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