Sunday, January 24, 2016

Is Twitter Making it This Idiotically Difficult for Everyone, or Just Me?

Lately I've been getting several messages a week -- anecdotally, it feels like daily or maybe even more frequently -- warning me that due to a "suspicious sign in," I should consider re-setting my password, and/or will need to use a special code instead of my password the next time I log in.

Even when that doesn't happen, it seems like 90% of the time Twitter demands that I confirm my phone number on login, seemingly for the same "there has been suspicious activity" reasons.

Since the "suspicious login" messages tend to hit my email box regularly, a few hours after actual real logins by me, I don't think that someone's trying to hack my account. I think that Twitter is just overreacting to the fact that I might log in in from a different browser at any given time (right now I am mostly using Firefox, but also taking a new look at Opera, and occasionally using Chrome for some stuff that I haven't really figured out how to not need Chrome for yet).

I'm pretty marginal as a Twitter user. I have some automation set up to tweet my blog posts and so forth, and manually log in to tweet stuff that isn't automated, but I get into a Twitter "conversation" maybe a couple of times a month.

Are those of you who practically live on Twitter constantly subjected to this annoying BS too?

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