Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Book Recommendation -- Bernie: A Lifelong Crusade Against Wall Street and Wealth

You think you know Bernie Sanders, because you've half-attentively followed the Democratic presidential horse race. But you probably don't know Bernie Sanders at all. My friend Darcy Richardson fills the gap with 400 plus pages of the real scoop.

I haven't finished the book yet (my copy just arrived yesterday), but I'm already loving it. Like all of Richardson's work, it is rich in detail (if you're interested in the history of American third party politics, his multi-volume history of same, Others, is the essential work -- here's a link to the first volume).

Whatever you think of Sanders, his long career in politics makes for great reading. I suspect you'll come away thinking more of whatever you already thought (the fact that he and his wife took their honeymoon in the Soviet Union should light a fire under the John Birch Society's ass!), but at least you'll have loads of information to back up your opinion.

And no, I don't love the book just because it quotes me or because Darcy is one of my favorite people. But it does, and he is :)

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