Tuesday, January 05, 2016

#stayclassytwitter -- If I Was a State Lefty ...

... I'd call for the FCC to classify Twitter as a "common carrier" or some such thing so they couldn't do stupid, counter-productive things like suspending Ammon Bundy's account -- or, for that matter, any account associated with the Islamic State or al Qaeda or whatever.

But I'm not a state lefty (and that idea would never work anyway because then the bureaucrats would just step into the role of deciding directly who gets to talk and who doesn't), so really all I can say is "way to go, Twitter -- just keep pulling shit like this until nobody trusts you at all, ever again."

The Twitter line for the last couple of years has been "if we don't like what you're saying -- or if some government doesn't like what you're saying -- we'll cut you off."

That's a "marketplace of ideas" fail which will hopefully, if continued, turn into a more general marketplace fail.

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