Wednesday, January 13, 2016

OK, I Shouldn't Have Been so Quick to Cuss Wordpress

Awhile back (it's not really worth looking up and linking), I briefly griped about Wordpress. I had updated to a new version as one is recommended to do periodically, and "autocomplete" had disappeared from the custom fields I use in the production of Rational Review News Digest. Which was a real downer for me, since RRND involves trawling many of the same sites, gathering content by many of the same authors, every day. Autocomplete in those form fields saved me time. And I was wroth with Wordpress, and I did bellyache.

Well, now I'm on the Mac, and now I'm using Firefox instead of Chrome as my default browser.

Autocomplete still doesn't show up in those fields in Chrome.

But it does in Firefox.

I don't know if Chrome happened to update in a way that pranged autocomplete in those fields, so nearly in time as the Wordpress update came out as to make it difficult to tell where the fault lay, or whether Wordpress updated in a way that Chrome didn't -- and still doesn't -- grok. But I do know that the absence of a feature I desire isn't inherent in Wordpress after all. So sorry for cussing you, Wordpress.

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