Friday, February 13, 2015

Three Tidbits

Tidbit One

One thing I love about ChromeOS devices (Chromebooks and Chromeboxes) is how easy it is to keep up with the latest version of the operating system. What happens is, I see a little arrow at the bottom right hand side of my screen, and when I click on it it notifies me "restart to update." Like so:

When I restart and log in to my Google account, the machine seems to take a second or three longer to get into "OK, ready for you to use now" mode, but that may just be my imagination since we're talking single-digit numbers of seconds in any case.

Why does it occur to me to mention this, other than that I was trying to think of things for a short Friday blog post? Because I got the little arrow thingie this morning, and I've been wondering all day whether the guys at Google weren't thinking about what day it is, or whether they thought it would be really fun to tempt fate by issuing an OS update on Friday the 13th.

Tidbit Two:

Weren't blister packs supposed to make it EASIER to take over-the-counter medications? Single pack equal single dose (instead of pouring a bunch of pills into your hand and having to count them), just pop the friendly little aluminum foil backing out and bam, drugs?

These days they rank highly on the "banes of my existence" list. They're harder to get into than "child-proof" bottles. Hell, they're harder to get into than the panties under a nun's habit, or your favorite New York nightclub on a Saturday night if your name doesn't have "Diddy" in it.

When will the damn things replace airplane food as the go-to gag for flustered stand-up comics?

Tidbit Three:

This starts in about half an hour. IIRC, I'm on at about 3:45 Mountain Time, 5:45 Eastern Time.

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