Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Live with Mikester on Friday!

I'll be joining Mikester on the Outright Libertarians Podcast at 6:30pm 5:45pm (time changed!) Eastern this Friday (February 13). Topic? I'm not really sure, except that it involves "a 69-A-Thon ... to promote our Pride season outreach." So, sounds interesting. Click that link in the first sentence to listen!

A couple of things about Outright:

  • I'm usually skeptical of "identity politics," but Outright is a major exception. Why? Because they don't make exceptions to their libertarianism for issues relating to sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. See here for what I mean by that.
  • Outright's mission is as follows: "To present libertarianism, The Libertarian Party and its Candidates to the GLBTQ community. To monitor the Libertarian Party's continuing support for Equal Rights for everyone including GLBTQ individuals. To support each other in this work." I support that mission, and not just because at least two of the letters in that acronym describe me.
See ... er, hear ... or at least talk atcha ... there!

Update: I just got a more detailed description from Mikester, as follows: "Outright Libertarians is bringing back the Spirit of '69 for Pride season 2015!! Tune in on Friday, February 13th from 3 to 6pm Mountain time for our 69-A-Thon and hear 12 guests in three hours -- Monica Jones, Thomas Knapp, Starchild, Marcel Fontaine, and more!! -- and don't forget to pick up your FREE rainbow heart lapel pin by donating to our outreach fund at"

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