Sunday, February 08, 2015

The Garrison Center's First Week

A pretty good one, in my opinion. We published four op-eds:

So far, two of them have been picked up to run in "mainstream media" publications (I link pickups at the bottom of each piece) and I've been interviewed by a Colombian newspaper (presumably as an "expert" or "opinion leader" of sorts) on the politics of Keystone XL. 

Not a half-bad outing for a capital investment of less than $20 and a few hours of my time. The site has all the basic functionality, including Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr presences. I'll be building it out a little more as time goes on, but it has the basics and they work.

My goal is to publish three op-eds each week, probably on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. I picked those days for reasons having to do with my own evaluation of how "the news cycle" works; if that evaluation doesn't pan out, I'll recombobulate the posting schedule.

I've already heard from two editors that they'll be running today's op-ed (Joe Biden's Dangerous Game), so I'm expecting an even better second week.

The William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism doesn't seek or accept contributions. In setting it up, I decided it would just be easier to keep it free of various state entanglements like 501(c)(3) paperwork and so forth so I can just concentrate on the work. If you want to support the Center, you can do so by supporting its authors as individuals. I'll eventually get some kind of "tip jar" set up over at the Center's site, but of course you can always support me from the sidebar right here at KN@PPSTER.

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