Wednesday, February 04, 2015

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If you listen to The KN@PP Stir Podcast, you know that I'm just now getting to where the phrase "Peace Love Liberty Radio on the Road tour" rolls off my lips without any major stumbles. And of course when you see the podcast post here on the blog, you see our sponsor banner:

So, you know that the podcast sponsor is Darryl W. Perry, and you know that the Peace Love Liberty Radio on the Road tour is what I've been promoting for him.

Well, the tour is off and people who donated to support it are being reimbursed. I'm personally sorry to hear that, as I had suggested Darryl as a potential speaker at this year's Libertarian Party of Florida convention.

But that means I get to start promoting some of the other stuff Darryl does! Like:

Free Press Publications:  An independent alternative media and publishig company, founded in June 2009, with the mission of "ensuring a FREE PRESS for the FREEDOM MOVEMENT" and committed to spreading the message of peace, freedom, love and liberty. FPP also gives new authors an avenue for publishing freedom-oriented material. FPP brings you daily news and commentary as well as the monthly newspaper FPPNews, books and more.


FPPRadio: Productions include a daily five minute newscast (FPPRadioNews), a thrice weekly podcast (Peace, Love, Liberty Radio) & a weekly commentary focused new podcast (FPP Freedom Minute).

The above, of course, is sort of boilerplate that you'll hear me yammering at the beginning of each KN@PP Stir Podcast this year. And since I'll only have limited time to talk up my sponsor in each podcast, let me spill a little ink here praising Darryl and his projects. Not because he's my sponsor. Or at least not only because he's my sponsor.

These days, "journalists" -- especially those who cover politics -- are expected to function as the status quo's stenographers. Not "just the facts, ma'am," but "just the facts that don't rustle anyone's jimmies."

Darryl isn't that kind of journalist. He's the kind of journalist that Joseph Pulitzer pined for in a letter to the editor of the New York World (a paper he owned):

Every issue of the paper presents an opportunity and a duty to say something courageous and true; to rise above the mediocre and conventional; to say something that will command the respect of the intelligent, the educated, the independent part of the community; to rise above fear of partisanship and fear of popular prejudice. I would rather have one article a day of this sort; and these ten or twenty lines might readily represent a whole day's hard work in the way of concentrated, intense thinking and revision, polish of style, weighing of words.

Darryl puts out a damn sight more than ten or twenty lines a day of exactly that kind of content. He does so in multiple media. And that's before he goes to work helping others do likewise.

A freedom movement with 51 Darryl W. Perrys, one in each state and one consigned to the purgatory of the District of Columbia, would probably be unstoppable. So: Pay attention. And emulate. Just sayin' ...

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