Wednesday, December 24, 2014

That's Me in the Corner, That's Me in the Spotlight ...

... at

I'd been thinking about joining for some time, but kept procrastinating. Three things pushed me over the finish line:

  • Jeff Riggenbach has a new podcast series at Title: Kranky Notions. It's available to outsiders via Soundcloud and whatnot, but I was thinking about joining to support good content of the sort Jeff creates.
  • Last night there was a live event I wanted to "attend" -- Angela Keaton interviewing Lucy Steigerwald (among other great things they do, they're my co-workers at
  • I was actually getting ready to go over and join when an email from hit my inbox. New site design, etc. ... and new pricing. Five bucks a month. Can't beat that. I'm in.
So far as I can tell, there's not a referral/affiliate program there, so this isn't one of those "try to generate some sales commissions" things (although if I am wrong and there is such a program, I'll be right on it). I just think Jeff Tucker, Mike Reid, et. al have created something really cool and want to send people their way.

Oh, yeah -- I'll be blogging over there. A lot of it will probably be cross-posts from KN@PPSTER and such-like, but some of it may be exclusive. So if you find my stuff interesting, consider yet another source for it.

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