Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I am ALWAYS Working on a Novel

 I come up with plot ideas, I start working on outlines, I write scenes or parts ... the closest it ever came to resulting in a finished novel was 10 or 12 years ago when I published the first 20,000 words of The Halaunbrenner Grant in serial form (it's lost now -- the micropayment site I published at went kaput and the hard drive the files were on did too -- but there's a brief excerpt in my book).

So, killing two birds with one stone ... the first bird being to motivate myself to actually get a whole novel finished, the second bird being to reward my Patreon patrons with content, I've decided to start publishing snippets from what I'm working on over there at Patreon. The patrons see this stuff first. And not just first, they may be the only ones to see it, at least until and unless there's an actual finished book to publish. So if you're interested in that sort of thing (and if you're a writer yourself, remember that my stuff is all free to copy, use or riff on and I think I have some cool plot/theme ideas) ... well, you know what to do. I just published the first snippet.

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