Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bleg: Advice (and possibly DEvice)

OK, so I've ordered a Google Cardboard rig (at $3.83 including shipping, that seemed like a much better use of my time and money than trying to assemble one from scratch).

Now I've got to get a device to put in it.

I don't want a phone. I've got a phone. It's a $5 (on sale) LG "flip phone" that I spend less than $7 a month to maintain a Tracfone account on. I'm not much of a phone person, even on landline. I got this one for the occasional cases where I am out and about and might need to reach someone or be reached by someone (or to send with one of the kids when they venture out into the world unaccompanied by myself or Tamara). I don't use anywhere near all of the minutes I buy for the minimum plan. A "smart phone" for use as a phone would be a spectacular waste of money for me.

The specifications for the device I need, according to the eBay listing for the rig I bought, are "Compatible Smartphone (pref with NFC with max LCD of 5.0") running android 4.1 or higher."

Anyone know of an ultracheap 5" Android tablet meeting those specs (or better -- Android 4.4 preferred)? I've done some looking and found stuff in the $50 range, but I'm guessing some of you actually use this kind of stuff on a regular basis and might steer me away from really bad stuff.

Or, there's always the possibility that one of you has a relatively new Android tablet or phone (with Wi-Fi capability -- I am not going to buy a cell phone account just to mess around with virtual reality stuff) sitting in a drawer because you upgraded or whatever, and might be willing to trade it for advertising or something. If so, hit the contact form and let's talk.

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