Sunday, December 28, 2014

Apology for Podcast Absence, With Additional AMA Goodness

But first, of course, let me thank my sponsor, Darryl W. Perry:

You want excuses? I've got excuses:

  • While my family is traveling, I'm doing what amounts to "spring cleaning." Only it's not spring. It's cool and damp. And I'm raising lots of dust what with the constant dusting, vacuuming, etc. So my throat, which has been raspy since ... well, about the time I decided to start podcasting ... is even worse and I am even more congested than usual.
  • Said "spring cleaning" also occasions a complete rearrangement of my home office and I haven't quite got the "sit and talk into a microphone comfortably" ergonomics down yet (I didn't before, either, but that's one of my goals; it may entail a new desk).
  • Oddly enough, though I don't go out much usually and don't have my normal chauffeuse available to drive me around, I am leaving the house more so than usual right now. Had an "after Christmas Christmas dinner" with the neighbor yesterday, and drinks after that. And today I have to get to the store because I did a poor job of planning for household needs (e.g. food for myself and animals). I may bicycle the five miles into Archer and back or may ask the aforementioned neighbor for a ride.
  • Finally, while I have been podcasting weekly, my commitment when requesting sponsorship was to podcast at least monthly ... and even that commitment was actually from January to December of 2015. So all these pre-2015 podcasts are in the nature of "bonus material."
My plan at the moment is to do a New Year's Eve or New Year's Day podcast, maybe even a longer one than usual, to cover last week and this week. So, let's crank up the AMA again with that in mind. Discuss, with figgy pudding.

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