Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Take My Book ... Please!

As you might imagine, I'll be trying to keep a post about KN@PPSTER's Big Freakin' Book of Stuff up top of the ol' blog for awhile. As you might not imagine, I'm a lot more interested in giving it away than I am in selling it. I'll explain why at length below, but for now: Pretty please, with sugar on top, right-click/save-as this link and grab yourself a free PDF copy.

My understanding is that there are some problems with the $1.99 EPUB/MOBI versions not displaying chapter headings, etc. (thanks to Ivan Burbakov for letting me know about that -- I have a support ticket in with FastPencil and they say they're working on it). I haven't received my own print copy yet, so I don't know for sure how well that's going to come out.

I strongly recommend grabbing the free PDF download first and buying a copy in another format later (I'll update this post when I know the coast is clear on formatting problems, etc.) if you really feel the need to. If you won't take "free" for an answer, there are various tip jar options in the right sidebar.

I don't have stats for free downloads during the first 36 hours or so of the book's release. Since I hooked into Orangedox's cool app for tracking the downloads on Saturday afternoon, I've logged 116 free downloads. So my best guess is that I've given away between 200 and 250 copies so far.

I want to give away a thousand copies by the end of the week. Yes, really.

Why? Well, like Robert Stacy McCain (he of many millions of web hits) says, "Being notorious is not the same as being famous, but it's better than being anonymous." I'm more interested in getting my name -- my "personal brand," if you will -- out there than I am in making money with this book. Not that I don't like money. I just think that "free with a premium option" is my best bet for using the book to achieving more notoriety, maybe even more fame, than I have now and that doing so will pay off bigger, later than trying to squeeze a fast buck out of the book now would.

So I'll be forever in your debt if you not only download a copy for yourself but share this post with your friends and social media contacts.

Thanks to The Center for a Stateless Society, The Libertarian Alliance, The Libertarian Enterprise and other friends whom I'll recognize later for helping get the word out (gotta milk this stuff, see?). Thanks to Garry Reed, aka The Libertarian News Examiner, for interviewing me about it. and to my friends at Independent Political Report for running an article on the interview.

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