Friday, November 28, 2014

Review Follow-Up: Micro Touch One Safety Razor @ One Year

About this time last year I reviewed the Micro Touch One Safety Razor. That review was "sponsored" in the sense that I was provided with a free review copy of the razor, case and supply of Dorco "Platinum ST300" stainless blades. This review is not "sponsored" in any way -- I was neither asked to, nor did I agree to, review it beyond that "first take." But as I was shaving this morning, it occurred to me that it's been about a year and that a follow-up isn't a bad idea.

I am still very pleased with the Micro Touch One. A year after I got it, the hardware is still in good shape, the screw-type handle for opening and closing the razor head still feels nice and tight, etc.

I change blades every 60-90 days, when I start to feel the blade tugging at, rather than gliding over, my skin. I don't shave every day, but when I do shave, it's often my whole head, not just my face.

In fact, I like the Micro Touch One so much that there's now a second unit in the house. My son Daniel started shaving recently. He started with one of the name-brand razors that take multi-blade refills. When he saw how much the refills cost (they get you with the cheap razor and one or two blade cartridges, then stick it to you after that), he asked about using a regular razor, so he got a Micro Touch One as a birthday present shortly after. He says he's quite happy with it.

I go back and forth on shave routine. As I've mentioned before, there's a lot to be said for Jeffrey Tucker's "abandon all the weird accessories" idea. But I also like the weird accessories and making shaving into a personal ... well, "event."

My current shave routine starts with a warm water face and head wash, followed by the application of Col. Conk's World Famous Glycerine Shave Soap, with a brush from a mug. Then a leisurely shave, topped off with a quick rinse, pat dry and the application of Fuller Witch Hazel Lotion as after-shave. [Note: Neither of these recommendations are sponsored or compensated -- I used to sell Fuller products but don't any more, and I came across the shave soap at a store where I wasn't even looking for that kind of thing and decided to give it a try].

Some friends responded to the original review with their own shave routines that might be as minimal as "a disposable razor lasts me years and I just use water." And hey, that's fine. Whatever works for you and whatever you enjoy!

As for me, if I am going to shave (and I am going to shave sooner or later -- anything more elaborate than a little chin beard or longer on top than a cocky flat-top tends to drive me nuts), I kind of like making an enjoyable and maybe slightly elaborate ritual out of it.

Heck, I may even go more retro one of these days. I have childhood memories of a razor strop. Those memories are not fond memories, although I suspect they contributed to building a certain amount of self-discipline on my part. But at some point I may just tune up a straight razor and strop and see how I like shaving that way.

But for now, after a year of use, I'm still very happy with the Micro Touch One on every point -- nice, close shave at a reasonable price with something that feels like a fine instrument in the hand.

[Update: Well, the Micro Touch One bit the dust at 17 months -- click here to learn more!]

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