Sunday, November 16, 2014

Special Content for KN@PPSTER's Patreon Supporters

I get lots and lots of ideas for stuff to write. Usually I take an initial stab at each idea before it begins evolving into a blog post, C4SS op-ed, whatever. Often, that initial stab is all I take, and it's never seen by anyone except myself and perhaps a friend or two whom I bounce it off of.

By way of offering some "value added" to my Patreon supporters, I'm going to start posting some of those little ideas/snippets on my Patreon "creations" page. For instance, if you were already one of those supporters, you'd have access to a post today that starts a little something like this:

The following is a very rough first-draft piece of writing, based on correspondence with Sean Gabb of the UK's Libertarian Alliance (link below). It may turn into a blog post. It may turn into a piece at the Center for a Stateless Society. It may turn into ... well, nothing. Whatever happens with it, I figured that it was worth showing to KN@PPSTER patrons first:

Sean Gabb: "If Kevin Carson can have an outreach to the left, why can't some of us have an outreach to the right?"

My reply (with some typos corrected) ...

I'm also setting up some goals/milestones at Patreon to make it more interesting.

For example, once I reach $50 per month in support via Patreon, I'll be drawing a patrons' name to receive an autographed print copy of KN@PPSTER's Big Book of Stuff.

Also, for each $100 I bring in through Patreon, I plan to cut my own pay by $50 at other libertarian organizations where I work, freeing up their money to do more cool stuff.

So check it out and think about becoming a KN@PPSTER patron.

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