Friday, November 14, 2014

KN@PPSTER's Big Freakin' Book of Stuff

It's here, ladies and gentlemen ...

As promised, there is a free download version. Yep, you can get the whole book in PDF format and it won't cost you a dime (unless you decide after reading it to hit the support/tip jar over in the sidebar, which of course I hope you'll do). Right-click/Save as here for the PDF download.

Would you like it in EPUB or MOBI format? $1.99 at the FastPencil site. No "Digital Rights Management" or anything, by the way; the only thing to stop you from buying it once and sharing it is your decision not to; the book is, so far as I know how to put it there, in the public domain and I don't believe in "intellectual property." If you like it and think it's worth paying for, I'll joyously accept your money. If you don't, well, thanks anyway and maybe next time.

Also via FastPencil, dead tree paper copies. $13.99. The book weighs in at more than 400 pages in a perfect-bound trade paperback edition. In my opinion -- and it's JUST my opinion -- you'd waste that much in paper, ink, printer wear and tear and time printing up an unbound print copy at home, so I think it's priced to sell for those who like their books on paper.

Update, 11/24/14: While I would personally prefer that free downloaders use the Orangedox/Dropbox link above so that I can easily keep track of how many free downloads I've given away, I also know that Scribd is a popular platform and it looks like I can keep track there too, so I've placed the PDF for free download there -- click here to check it out if that's the platform you prefer.

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