Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Yes, I'd like one of those handheld book-reading gadgets

And I'm willing to pay as much as $29.95 for it. $49.95 if it features wireless connectivity so I can download the books directly instead of having to plug it into a USB port on my computer. Maybe even $99.95 if it lets me browse the web, too.

Speaking of the books, I'm willing to pay 99 cents for classic titles, $1.99 for books from the general current catalog, and $2.99 for current or recent best-sellers. Or if the machine does have web capabilities, make the classics "free" and stuff'em full of ads.

Think of this post as an MRD or RFP of sorts. $199, $299 or $489 just won't work for me. For that kind of money I can buy a cheap new or expensive used netbook or laptop (or, come November, a spanking new Crunchpad!) and rely on Project Gutenberg, Lulu et al to keep me in e-reading material. Or, you know, real books.

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