Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm neither a conservative nor a lesbian ...

But Cynthia Yockey is, and I like her blog. And not just because of Google's brutal suppression of Becky C.'s blog by way of appeasing prissy little Mrs. Grundy asshats, either, although I do very much miss it. They're very, very different blogs.

One of the things I like about Yockey's blog is that she's quite forward with the tip jar. At the end of every post, she weighs in with:

If you enjoy my blog, please buy me a cafe latte for $2.95, or cafe latte and a sandwich for $7.95, or add a salad for $11.95! May you be rewarded 10-fold for your kind gift by the prospering power of the universe!

Clickable and leading to PayPal, of course. I checked, and might have bought her one of them there cafe lattes, but the form seems to lead inescapably to the $11.95 latte/sandwich/salad option, which is a bit rich for my blood. So maybe later.

The Other McCain talks "the tip jar" up quite a bit, too.

I don't see doing something like that with every post here at KN@PPSTER, but what the hey ... it doesn't hurt to every once in awhile, does it? It's not like the ad revenues are really setting the place on fire or anything. So, here, if it rubs you the right way:

I've set it to let you choose the amount yourself. Coffee's nice. So are Lamborghinis and all-expenses-paid trips to Tijuana. So feel free to knock yourself out.

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