Friday, August 21, 2009

Made on a Mac

And a very nice Mac it is, too! 1.3GHz G4, 1.5 Mb of RAM, running Leopard. A "headless" (failed internal part, which he also sent and which I may have installed) Powerbook hooked up to a 17" LCD monitor and US keyboard and mouse. Sweeeeeeet. It's the one sent by MS in return for prospective "writing assistance," and as far as I'm concerned he's entitled to tap me to ghost a sequel to War and Peace for him if that's what he wants.

I'm writing this blog entry in Safari (I've also installed Firefox and Camino, and will get to Opera and others soon) while Al Jazeera TV plays in a widget and BOINC/SETI@Home (Team "Vote Libertarian") runs in the background, and there's simply zero noticeable slowdown.

Transitions always entail some shuffling around and personal re-training, of course. I'm still porting stuff over from the Shuttle (the two computers are set up side-by-side, at least for the moment), and I put together this morning's RRND on the old box while watching "Ghostbusters" on Crackle on this one. I'm trying to get used to using the Apple "command" key (it's a key with a Windows logo on it on the Logitech USB keyboard I'm using) instead of the PC "control" key to open new tabs and such.

I could get used to this. And I will. But I still have nothing at all bad to say about the ol' Shuttle. It's been a solid machine and it's served me well. I suspect it will increasingly become "Tamara's computer" now -- she's always used it when I wasn't monopolizing it anyway, and her demands on its capabilities aren't heavy (checking email, updating Facebook, etc.).

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