Monday, August 31, 2009

To tell the tooth

Toothache/denture update:

After a good deal of Darvocet®, Keflex® and waiting, I've finally got dates and amounts. Glad -- the pain is mostly gone at the moment but it's always lurking there, waiting to jump out at me and occasionally reminding me that its absence is temporary and contingent.

I go in on (appropriately) 9/11 for the preliminaries -- I'm pretty sure this is when we make the molds for dentures and work out a schedule that gets all my top teeth pulled as close as possible to "immediately" and "at the same time" (presumably an oral surgeon, rather than my dentist, will do some of the honors). For obvious reasons, I'd prefer to get this done on a Thursday and/or Friday. But I'll take what I can get.

Bottom line: About $700 out of pocket for extractions and denture (my insurance covers the rest -- about half again what I'll be paying).

Guess I'd better start flogging the ol' tip jar:

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