Monday, August 10, 2009

Quarterly AntiWar.Com bleg

In the past, I've encouraged KN@PPSTER's readers to financially support AntiWar.Com while truthfully disclaiming any economic interest in that pitch.

I can no longer truthfully disclaim such interest -- I do some (light) work for AntiWar.Com now, and I'm paid for that work. I'm not paid a lot, but like I said the work is light and I'm happy to be helping out.

I hope you'll believe me when I say that I'd encourage you to support AntiWar.Com whether that financial interest on my part existed or not (especially since I regularly did so long before it existed!). It's one of the freedom movement's most valuable assets, and its budget is small compared to most such assets in the same league. I'm still a $5-a-month pledger there, and will probably kick back part of my next paycheck as well.

Their third quarter fundraiser is under way. Donate here or here. Or click on their Amazon link, buy something, and they'll rake in a commission.

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