Monday, August 17, 2009

The times that try bloggers' souls

It's the dog days of summer -- and that applies to politics just like it applies to everything else. Much as I'd like to do two posts a day, there's just not much going on of real interest.

Yes, Barack Obama is discovering that he can't count on the left wing of the Democratic Party to support his health care push without including a "public option," and that he can't bring in the Blue Dogs and "moderate" Republicans to his right with a "public option." Anyone surprised? Anyone think I ought to try and wring more than a paragraph out of that non-story?

Yes, the US is losing the war in Afghanistan -- and has been for oh, 7 1/2 years or so now. Worth mentioning, but hardly breaking news.

Right now, the White House is busy throwing out "red meat for the base" statements that it knows won't make any big waves because Congress is out of town (the House until day after tomorrow, the Senate until next Monday) getting its ass handed to it on health care by constituents. That's why its safe for him to finally openly call for the repeal of DOMA. That call, while laudable, will be forgotten by the time any action could plausibly be taken on it.

So, in four paragraphs, I've explained why you probably won't be seeing too much from me this week unless something unexpectedly gets blown up or someone unexpectedly gets shot. I'll probably try to drop one post a day just to keep the skeer up, but unlike some I generally don't blog a lot unless my heart's in it.

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