Friday, August 07, 2009

Not Spam, exactly, but I still don't like it

I'm not from Connecticut and I'm not a Republican, but for some reason damn near all of my email addresses are receiving SUPER FRAP MONEY BOMB A THON FOR PETER SCHIFF hype, which seems to originate from some outfit calling itself

When I say "damn near all of my email addresses," I mean I'm receiving this stuff at addresses which I'm certain beyond any doubt I've never submitted to any kind of opt-in list. In other words, these are addresses that this outfit simply wouldn't have unless they've used a web "harvesting" program to get them, or purchased them from a harvesting/spam outfit.

"Spam" is Unsolicited Commercial Bulk Email. This isn't commercial, so it isn't spam. But it still pisses me off. And it makes Schiff look bad. Not that he cares about looking bad -- if he did, he wouldn't be a Republican. But anyway, I'm just saying.

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