Thursday, August 23, 2018

What is it With All the "Re-Launch," "Re-Brand," etc. Mania?

Yesterday, ZenCash announced a major "re-branding" as HoriZen to emphasize aspects of the project other than cryptocurrency. This after months of (so far as I can tell, pretty successfully) promoting ZenCash, increasing name recognition for ZenCash, etc.

In the last 24 hours, the USD price of whatever-it-is-now has fallen by more than 9% (versus 3.x% for BTC).

As, likely, would the share price of Apple if it changed its name to Peach and its product focus to  phonograph records right in the middle of rising success.

I still think that ZenCash (or whatever it is going to be called now) is a great idea and the bulk of my tiny crypto portfolio is in it. Maybe I'll even buy the dip. But is it too much to ask of crypto peeps to pick a name, stick with it, and work on the product instead of playing this stupid masturbatory "re-branding" game?

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