Monday, August 20, 2018

Dear Google ...

If I just didn't like "New Gmail" very much, that would be one thing (I often don't like new iterations of old services for some time, then eventually wonder how I ever did without the new features).

But when I run "New Gmail" and it just doesn't work right -- in Google Chrome, running as ChromeOS, on a Google Chromebox -- that's messed up.

Specifically: When I email a bunch of people using BCC, and I paste in some addresses, the formatting suddenly goes all wonky once those addresses have been processed, and I can't into the BCC area -- which sprawls into the subject line and message body areas -- to paste in any more addresses. If I increase and decrease the size of the message window some random number of times, it eventually gets it right. Eventually.

And, of course, Google has the worst tech support ever -- no direct contact, just post in a forum somewhere and hope someone has solved the same problem.

I mean, c'mon, didn't you bother to test the new version of your new service on your own software, running on your own OS, on hardware purpose-built to run that OS, before releasing it?

And what's with this thing about requiring a new tab outside of Gmail to access my contacts? That's just dumb.

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