Monday, August 06, 2018

The Thing to Notice About Paul Manafort's "Fraud" Trial

What Paul Manafort is charged with, in simple English:

He is accused of working in Ukraine, earning money in Ukraine, keeping that money in Ukraine (or at least not in the US), not telling and/or lying to the US government about it  (that's the "fraud" alluded to), and not giving the US government a cut of it.

Only three governments on Earth have the gall and temerity to demand that their subjects pay tax on income earned outside the countries they rule. Those three governments are the governments of North Korea, Eritrea, and the United States.

In fact, the US government demands that its former subjects continue to pay income tax for some years after they move abroad and renounce their US citizenships.

That's some control freak greedhead bullshit right there.

Even if Manafort did what he's accused of (in this particular trial), the jury should acquit him.

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