Saturday, August 25, 2018

Dylan Update

Bread on the waters style (if we start the process, the money will show up to finish it), Tamara is ordering the Dylan tickets (October 19, St. Augustine Amphitheatre) right now.  Total: $137.23 ($54.14 per ticket; an $11 per ticket Ticketmaster processing fee;* $4.50 to have physical tickets mailed because reasons;* and I guess some tax) invested.

I had assumed a maximum of $85 each for the tickets, so we're already $32.77 under the contemplated budget.

* I don't really object to the total price. In fact, many moons ago, early 1990s, I had a chance to see Dylan at $75 and didn't. But in my opinion the "face" ticket price should include the Ticketmaster fees.

** Apparently Ticketmaster doesn't let you get an "e-ticket" and print it out. They do offer phone tickets, but I don't trust Tamara's phone as it occasionally goes reception-wonky for hours at a time in places where it shouldn't. And besides, if there's a sudden financial windfall and we want to trade up with a scalper for better seats we'll need physical tickets.

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