Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Welcome Stephan Kinsella to the Libertarian Party!

Per an "Edgington Post" interview at the end of last night's episode of Free Talk Live:

I recently just joined the LP for the first time ever, and one of my goals is, I'm gonna try to get involved and try to push them to adopt an anti-patent-and-copyright plank in their platform ...

I did not push for recommending such a plank while serving on this year's platform committee.

Why? Because adopting such a plank needs to come after a real internal debate in the party on the issue. There's no point in bringing a plank to the convention floor if the delegates haven't already been thinking about the issue for long enough, and attentively enough, that they're ready to weigh the arguments offered in floor debate.

The debate has been raging in the larger libertarian movement for decades, and in the last few years has begun to resolve toward consensus on the correct position (that "intellectual property" isn't property), but the party has lagged far behind the movement in terms of even paying attention to the topic.

Kinsella is someone with the weight to pick that fight, force it to be had, and win it.

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