Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Tentative Plan ...

Of all the events I would like to attend in the remainder of 2018, seeing Bob Dylan doesn't just top the list, it pretty much is the list  (this got on my mind because reader Thane Eichenauer asked about it in this week's "Thanks For Asking" thread).

For decades, I've had a sort of running short list of "musical acts I need to see before they retire or die." I have probably missed out on the Rolling Stones and Rush. I have missed out on Tom Petty. There are a few others but probably no hurry. Dylan is 77 years old. Time is running out.

After looking at area tour dates for this year, Tamara's preference (and mine, although I didn't tell her when asking) is October 19th in St. Augustine. That's a Friday and we haven't seen St. Augustine, so the idea is:

  • Go to see the show (two tickets at $55-75 each -- call it $65 to $85 as there likely "processing fees").
  • Stay overnight (we try to be budget-conscious on hotels, but I'm going to call it another $85 to be safe) and sight-see the next day.
So that's $255.

Gas (and probably car rental, I like our 1999 4Runner but don't consider it a road trip vehicle for both age and gas mileage reasons), food that we'll have to buy out instead of eating at home, etc. will probably make this at least a $300-$350 trip.

So, anyone got a $300-350 job they'd like done that I'm the guy to do?

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