Saturday, August 04, 2018


I'm on lots of email lists, including the American Civil Liberties Union's "This Week in Civil Liberties" roundup. The latest edition just hit my inbox a few minutes ago. The featured stories:

  • Trump Administration's Census Cover Up
  • Listen Now: How to Fight an Algorithm
  • The Victorville Horror
  • Ports of Despair
  • It Ain't Meatballs
  • Your Rights on Standby
  • Elementary School Kids Don't Belong in Handcuffs
Completely missing: Easily the most important free speech story of the week and month, possibly of the year (I'd put it in a dead heat with FOSTA).

As of yesterday, the attorneys general of 19 states and the District of Columbia are suing for repeal of the First Amendment (supported, of course by the establishment's lapdog media and several Hollywood whiners).

The ACLU has never been perfect (especially on the unalienable human right to possess the means of self-defense), but at one time it could be counted upon to stand tall for free speech. Maybe O'Brien had its leaders dragged off to Room 101 and tortured until they begged him to do it to Cody?

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