Saturday, August 14, 2010

Scan Project

Tamara's grandfather came home from the World War (the World War, the War to End All Wars, the only one at the time and for nearly 21 years after) and brought with him or later acquired (I'm thinking the latter, as the first edition is copyright 1923) a stereoscope, 300 cards printed by the Keystone View Company, and a book describing the cards, The World War Through the Telebinocular.

The book includes an enthusiastic endorsement of the collection from, among others, General of the Armies John Joseph "Black Jack" Pershing.

We have two things in mind for this collection:

- Get it scanned so that people can see it on the web (and perhaps even print their own copies, make or acquire their own stereoscopes, and view the images in "3d"); and

- If extant copies are rare, get the collection into a museum or library where it can be preserved in ideal archival conditions for posterity.

Here are a couple of low resolution scans. I can do up to 600 dpi on the home machine, and will be experimenting to get the best quality possible (the cards have significant curvature, which may make it interesting).

From The World War Through the Telebinocular

From The World War Through the Telebinocular

Got some other old goodies in the same box, including a bodybuilding system on large card stock, circa 1919.

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