Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A recital of certain facts

Over the last couple of days, a would-be political opponent of mine, one Eric Dondero, has publicly asserted no fewer than three times that I receive money from the government on the basis of some claimed disability.

The first such assertion might have been an honest mistake; the subsequent two were either knowing and intentional lies or else a severe misjudgment as to the character and expertise of his alleged sources.

After the third such assertion, I challenged Mr. Dondero to a duel at a location, and with weapons and terms (first blood, surrender or death) of his choosing. So far he's only got as far as location (Mexicali, so I may have to do some hitchhiking), and seems to want to weasel out of the consequences of smearing me without withdrawing the smear. Granted, the maximum such consequence he faces unless he chooses to take responsibility for his actions is that I'll call him out as the coward I believe him to be.

Just to make this as clear as humanly possible:

I do not receive a "government check" on either a regular or irregular basis.

The last regular check I received from any government was my final US Marine Corps paycheck in early 1995. The last irregular check I received from any government was a tax refund some years ago.

I do not receive a "disability benefit" of any kind -- military or civilian, public or private -- nor have I ever applied for same, nor do I intend to.

I am not on "welfare," food stamps or any other form of government largess.

Anyone who says otherwise is a liar, an ignoramus, or both. If you hear this from anyone, ask them to produce evidence. They won't, because they can't, because there isn't any, because the whole claim is 100% fictional from start to finish.

And that's all I have to say about that.

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