Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jack Lord, Your Attorney is on Line One

Hat Tip -- Thomas Costanzo at Freedom's Phoenix. Per CNN Money:

Facebook is suing start-up site for using the word "book" in its name, according to court documents.

The complaint, filed in a California district court last Wednesday, alleges that Teachbook is "rid[ing] on the coattails of the fame and enormous goodwill of the Facebook trademark," said the document obtained by

But what comes around goes around, and I think that CBS has a pretty good case against Facebook.

That "book'em, Danno!" is among the most memorable lines in American pop culture, and that Steve McGarrett, Danny "Danno" Williams and the accused in each episode all had faces, are indisputable and easily documented facts.

I'm tellin' you, man, it's airtight.

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