Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kubby: Back in the political saddle!

Steve Kubby is running for city council in South Lake Tahoe, California.

Yes, I'm helping out a little. Don't bust my balls, OK? Once a political junkie, always a political junkie, and a Kubby campaign in particular is like waving a tall glass of Old Crow® under a detoxing alcoholic's nose.

On the libertarian side of things I always try not to be unduly optimistic, but we definitely have the makings of a winning campaign here.

Ten candidates are seeking three seats. Kubby was the first to file. If that means he's the first name on the ballot, he's got a tremendous advantage right there.

He's got good roots and good political history in the area -- serving on the Northstar board, working on "pothole" issues, raising money for local good works (fire department, ski team) etc.

He's got a great venue for his issues positions. South Lake Tahoe's city government got caught up in a "redevelopment" scheme gone bad a few years back -- 28 businesses and hundreds of jobs eminent domained out of existence to make room for a convention center project that failed, leaving a decrepit construction site now known locally as "The Hole." A recent grand jury report called the city government "dysfunctional." He's emphasizing cutting city government back to core functions (street maintenance and law enforcement against real crime) and promising to hold the line against tax increases to address a forecast city budget deficit.

He's getting good advice and great practical assistance from California's Libertarians.

Yes, he does need money. This is the kind of campaign where a few hundred dollars for yard signs, literature and such may make the difference. There's a donate button in the right sidebar at his campaign site. Please use it.

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