Monday, August 09, 2010

Not in the hospital!

But not done navigating the maze of medicine yet either.

Saw the doctor today.

Blood sugar from finger stick: 199. That's after about 18 hours with almost nothing to eat (a couple of stray bites of food I was preparing for others).

So, tentative diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, but I have to go get more bloodwork done tomorrow (no food and only water to drink after midnight tonight), and then back to the doctor later in the week.

My instructions for now are: 1) NO SWEETS; 2) Eat small portions frequently instead of big portions in one or two big meals a day; 3) Don't get too wrapped up in a bunch of food analysis just yet, but that's probably coming; 4) Watch the blood sugar and get to an ER ASAP if it goes over 400.

I can do that.

Either the garlic works REALLY well, or they caught me at a weird system point. Eight days ago, my blood pressure was 177/100. Today, it was 100/60.

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