Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dammit ... foiled again

I was secretly rooting for JD Hayworth in today's Arizona primary for the Republican Party's US Senate nomination.

No, I'm not a Republican.

No, I don't live in Arizona.

No, I'm not even particularly enamored of electoral politics any more.

I just happen to think that the GOP accelerating through the S-curve on its course toward institutional suicide by sending the wildest big-government whack-job west of the Pecos back to DC would make great television for the next two years or so (I can't imagine the crazy SOB making it for the full six years without ending up in prison, or at least out of office and guesting on Jerry Springer), that's all.

Instead, GOP voters stuck with Old Reliable (read: Boring as watching paint dry) John McCain, by landslide numbers reflecting a collective IQ a full order of magnitude higher than I'd have predicted.

The Other McCain is as disappointed as I am but for very different reasons (I have to write his affection for Hayworth off to Moonie brainwashing during his tenure at the Washington Times or some other similarly malign influence). One thing we do agree on is that there's only candidate left worth voting for (if you must) in that race.

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