Friday, February 27, 2009

Try, try again

My voice isn't fully back yet, but we're still going to take another run at The Big Shew: Darcy Richardson joins me at 5pm Central for "KN@PPSTER: Fridays Live at Five."

I may have solved the technical difficulties of running the show from Linux (they had to do with incompatibilities in the newer Flash plugin for Firefox, I think) -- I'll do some final testing today. If not, I'll bludgeon the kids into letting me borrow their laptop for an hour.

Update, 2:44pm Central Time: Well, maybe not. A mutual acquaintance just told me that Darcy was called into an emergency meeting and may not be able to get out in time for the show. Watch this spot for further updates.

Update, 3:02pm Central Time: Not gonna happen, folks. Darcy works in the financial sector, and if you're watching the news it's obviously turning into a really busy day over there. He's slammed and unavailable. If that leaves a hole in your schedule, you can probably find something good to watch at Hulu.

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