Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Barack Obama's definition of "fiscal responsibility"

As best I can tell, that definition comes down to "after four years in office, I intend for the enterprise I head to only be spending half a trillion dollars more than it takes in each year, instead of a full trillion."

Thanks to handy Internet acronyms, I'm not left speechless: WTF?

I watched the president's speech last night. As always, he can be counted on to give good speech. He got in a good zinger about those CEOs and their private jets. For some reason, he decided to hold off on announcing that he'll be giving up his personal jet -- you know, the one he used last week when he flew all the way to Denver to sign a bill he could just as easily have signed on the top of Teddy Roosevelt's old desk in the Oval Office.

Make no mistake here: Barack Obama is a CEO, just like the ones he's chewing out.

Among the perks he gets as CEO of the US government -- perks he's evinced no intention of giving up to set the example for those he's scolding -- are a $400k annual salary, free residence in a palatial home (complete with groundskeepers, cooks, doormen, etc.), a 24/7 personal security detail, transportation to wherever he desires via limousine, helicopter or personal jet, and a "golden parachute" which includes a pension of nearly $200k per year for life, continuation of that security detail (and the costs of any accommodations required for it to fit into his lifestyle), and his own library.

What do we get for the millions of dollars we annually lavish on our golden boy CEO? A definition of "fiscal responsibility" that comes to a $1,600+ annual loss for each and every one of his company's 300 million "investors." This, from the guy who assures us that he's the one who can "fix" the economy. Jee. Zuz.

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