Thursday, February 12, 2009

Long dark teatime of the "liberaltarian" soul?

Jonah Goldberg and John Hood and Goldberg again over at National Review ponder the Obama-spawned vexation of "liberaltarians."

Will Wilkinson responds.

Best summation points to Kip Esquire, in comment on the Wilkinson piece:

"Liberaltarianism" in its 2008 regeneration simply meant that libertarians placed dismantling the Bush Administration's catastrophic civil liberties and foreign affairs policies so much higher on the agenda than fiscal restraint (which neither conservatives nor liberals embrace today anyway) that they were willing to hold their noses, close their eyes and pull the lever for Obama -- despite knowing full well what the budgetary ramifications would be.

... which puts them in the position of having to deal with a whole new set of problems, this time coming from the direction that, in desperation, they endorsed. Too early to tell whether those problems will be "worse" in general, but they'll certainly be more ideologically complex for "liberaltarians" than for those who subscribe to other brands of libertarianism. I'll be interested to see which ways today's "liberaltarians" go over the next couple of years.

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