Friday, February 20, 2009

A peek inside AntiWar.Com

The last time I did one of my little "support AntiWar.Com" thingies, several people expressed skepticism as to how AWC spends its money. Although I was able to provide some response, I wish I'd had this article by Justin Raimondo to point you at. It explains where our money goes and what it buys. I think we're getting a great deal.

I can't think of any way to overstate the importance of AntiWar.Com, especially at a time when all too many Americans make the mistake of assuming that the Obama administration will be less recklessly belligerent than the Bush administration was. There's a shitstorm coming, folks, and AntiWar.Com may be the only outfit we can trust to deliver the real truth on it.

With a staff of 14 -- a smaller staff, I'd wager, than any single one of the hundreds of War Party mouthpiece publications constituting "the mainstream media," and no, I'm not on that staff -- AntiWar.Com provides the anti-war movement, and especially that movement's non-interventionist libertarian component, with its only truly effective media voice.

I'm proud to be a $5-per-month AntiWar.Com pledger. I hope you'll consider becoming one, too. I hope you'll also join me in sending them $10 right now. KN@PPSTER's daily unique reader average this week is 437. I make 438. If each of us does this, that makes $4,380 to help AWC through this fundraiser, and another $2,190 per month to help them along from month to month.

Here's where you can make that happen.

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