Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Repudiate the Debt! (Update)

Thanks to George Donnelly for getting up a decent-looking Repudiate the Debt! site.

By way of promotion, instead of crossposting my latest piece, I'll tease here ...

Not content with their seizure of a large percentage of Americans' income year after year, our politicians and their corporate masters have built up a mountain of debt now exceeding $10 trillion and set to contiue growing at a future rate of more than $1 trillion per year according to the recently inaugurated President of the United States.

Helpless in the face of looming economic collapse, more and more Americans long to seize control of their own destinies but fear that they lack the means to do so.

That means, however, exists. It is the Achilles’ heel of the kleptocracy, and it is nothing more than a word:


... and point there.

Other news:

- Repudiate the Debt! Facebook Group founded yesterday, 261 members already and growing. Related "cause" also.

- Follow Repudiate the Debt! on Twitter.

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