Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Funniest Thing About Scott Adams's Meltdown Today ...

... is that after a couple of years of getting his supporters to yell "MIND-READING" to shut down any discussion of motive or intention or feeling vis a vis Trump, he spends the first several minutes of his podcast ... mind-reading the motives, intentions, and feelings of congressional Democrats and throwing a temper tantrum rivaling even me for vulgarity over what his psychic sixth sense tells him they really intend and feel.

He even calls Nancy Pelosi a See You Next Tuesday for saying she feels/believes one thing when he has read her mind and determined that she feels/believes otherwise.

The second funniest thing is that the ScottBot I know best was spitting about the evil of "mind-reading" vis a vis  Trump within MINUTES of extolling Adams's tour de force  today.

I'm ambivalent -- or at least apathetic -- about the impeachment circus in general, but I have to admit watching Trump's defenders fall completely to pieces as they realize they can't re-shape the fabric of reality through sheer force of denial is great fun.

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