Wednesday, December 18, 2019

If I was Jerrold Nadler ...

... instead of using up my three hours of time on the impeachment vote debate, I'd have given two or three members ten minutes each to make their points, which with the Republican responses would have kept the thing to an hour or so.

Then I would have yielded back the remainder of my time and ostentatiously invited my fellow congresscritters to join me for a smoke break while the Republicans used up the rest of their time belly-aching about how Trump couldn't have possibly done what he publicly confessed to doing, and how it's a damn shame that it's a "partisan impeachment" (which it apparently will be, proving that House Republicans are required to have their testicles surgically removed prior to inauguration), and so on, and so forth.

But I'm not Jerrold Nadler. Maybe he thought all the "solemn" protests of "defending the Constitution" would ring truer than they did (they rang truer than the Republican lines, but then so does the average Nigerian email scam) or something.

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