Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Anti-Gig-Economy = Anti-Woman

I've pointed out in past Garrison Center columns that the "gig economy" delivers the main proclaimed goal of yesterday's socialists -- worker ownership/control of the means of production -- and that it strikes me as strange that today's socialists are hell-bent on forcing workers back onto e.g. the medallion cab monopoly's "capitalist employment" plantations.

The Acton Institute's Reverend Ben Johnson points out another anti-"progressive" aspect of the war on the gig economy: It's misogynistic.

Freelance work empowers women to choose how they spend their time. Female workers have repeatedly told pollsters from across the globe -- as far as Australia and Denmark -- that their top workplace desire is the flexibility to create greater work-life balance. Some 40 percent of women say they would take a lower salary in exchange for more control over their schedule. Freelancing lets women choose the hours they work and gives them control over their schedule.

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