Thursday, December 19, 2019

I Find the "Partisan Impeachment" Complaint Strange ...

...  at least coming from Republicans.

Every last Republican member of the House of Representatives voted against both articles of impeachment versus President Donald Trump.

It was a party line vote in the face of evidence far beyond any "probable cause" standard (which would prevail in the criminal prosecution equivalent, such as a preliminary hearing or grand jury proceeding, to this part of the political process of impeachment) and well into "beyond reasonable doubt" territory (the standard at trial in the criminal prosecution equivalent) that Trump did in fact engage in the actions of which he stands accused.

Two Democrats voted against the first article, three Democrats voted against the second article, and one Democrat voted "present" on both articles.

Yes, many Democratic votes (including no/present votes) were just as motivated by politics as opposed to evidence as were the Republican votes.

But only one party voted as a unanimous partisan bloc, and it wasn't the Democrats.

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