Wednesday, March 13, 2019

This post is about SlackSocial, which didn't seem to initially allow me the option of titling it. Just sayin' ...

This is a test post using SlackSocial, a service I just discovered for drafting, scheduling, and publishing posts to Facebook and/or Twitter and/or LinkedIn and/or Tumblr and/or here at Blogspot.

So far I like SlackSocial better than Hootsuite, which wouldn't leave me the hell alone when I had its Chrome app installed -- instead of waiting for me to invoke it when I wanted it, it would cover up important buttons with its own "hootlet" link on various sites. Since I only used Hootsuite for specific scheduling tasks on Google Plus, I ditched it when the API for that stopped working. I've tested SlackSocial on Twitter and LinkedIn. As you may have noticed if you're into it, Facebook has been down much of the day, so no joy there. If it works and plays well with Blogspot, I'll probably use it as my preferred scheduling app when I'm handling social media for clients, etc.

Anyway, if this is the kind of thing you use, feel free to check it out via my affiliate link (here -- and hmm, it's already having its first malfunction, "insert link" doesn't seem to work in its rich text editor, so I may have to edit the post when it publishes -- anyway, There's a "free" level (that's what I'm using). If you join through me and decide you like it and need one of their premium levels, I get a 10% cut of your payments to them.

Let's see how this works out.

Update: Yeah, a couple of problems. The "insert link" function did something, but it wasn't visible and wasn't right. Might be something I can look up and find a solution to that I should have known all along. Also, there doesn't appear to be a way to title a Blogspot post within SlackSocial. But it does seem to work great on Twitter and LinkedIn, so there's that.

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