Friday, March 08, 2019

Flowers For Bo

That's the name of the guitar, not a song title -- it's just me noodling.

It's not finished yet. Gonna get rid of that "three on a bar" set of tuners (my mistake) and install individual Shane Speal signature tuners (I'll have to take a quarter inch of thickness off the headstock for that, I think), then decide whether to bring it up to open G or open E when the strings arrive. So far I'm reasonably happy with how it's coming out. You can't see it in the picture, but there's a piezo rod pickup inside and a pre-amp with control panel on the rear right bottom. And there will eventually be art on the box and headstock, and possibly fret markers (no actual frets -- it's for slide playing) on the neck

Sounds muddy, doesn't it? I didn't know for sure yet if that was the guitar (it has cheap electric strings on it, awaiting better ones, and as I expected that tin box really resonates/vibrates), or the low tuning (open D on three strings), or my playing (because, as we all know, I'm not very good). I jacked it up a couple of octaves in a sound editor and it came off as more crisp. But I guess we'll see how it sounds as it progresses.

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