Friday, March 01, 2019

Match Request

For those of you who donate to the national Libertarian Party (including membership dues!) ...

The Libertarian National Committee is running a 2020 "Pay-to-Play Libertarian National Convention Theme Contest." Choose the convention theme you like. Make a donation. Theme that raises the most money wins.

As of the last update, the leader in the contest was "Ancapistan."

I loathe that idea. The LP is not an "anarcho-capitalist" party. Many of its members aren't anarchists; many of them aren't capitalists. The theme doesn't signal anything about the party that's substantive and truthful.

My preferred alternative, which happens to be in second place as of the last update, is "TANSTAAFL" (it stands for "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch").

I don't know if TANSTAAFL the very best of all possible convention themes, but it's the one with the best chance of beating "Ancapistan," and I suspect it will be very relevant next year, especially if the "Green New Deal" is still a thing as the election cycle heats up.

Nice kicker: Any donation you make to the LNC, including for this contest, accrues toward dues for your annual "sustaining membership" or even toward the $1,500 (must be within a 12-month period) "lifetime membership."

I went ahead and popped $25 for TANSTAAFL, and to take care of my upcoming "sustaining membership" renewal. If you're a member/donor, I respectfully ask that you match my donation. Hopefully for TANSTAAFL, but heck, maybe there will be something else you like better in the list of options.

See you next year in Austin!

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